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Martin's Beach Owner Vinod Khosla Sues Everyone


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Best explanation ever on climate change and water scarcity:

This story just came out about climate change in today's LA Times -- spells out why every town, from San Francisco to Palo Alto to Pacifica to -- well, you get the idea -- needs to participate in addressing this very severe challenge to water supply. Yep, climate change does affect our water supply! https://www.latimes.com/ct-climate-change-water-great-lakes-edit-0527-md-20160526-story.html

National Association of Realtors Chooses Donald Trump, Endorses Mary Ann Nihart for City Council

The same National Association of Realtors pouring tens of thousands of dollars into local mailers promoting Mary Ann Nihart and Sue Vaterlaus has also chosen Donald Trump 60:40 over Hillary Clinton.

The next time you get a piece of mail for a Pacifica City Council candidate, look at the bottom and see if it says "National Association of Realtors".


Mary Ann Nihart: "I just wanted to make a clarification for the public ...the Hatch Act was designed to protect public employees ... from undue influence by special interest groups..."
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vG3AShQ7uzo&t=51m19s


No real estate PACs, lobbyists, or organizations are listed as endorsers on Nihart's website. It doesn't seem SAMCAR's 2016 Voter Guide is published anywhere. Will this information be published at the same time that the $400,000 drawings for the unapproved, proposed new library in the coastal zone are published? Will that be sometime before the election?

Realtors have no business being on City Council except to further their own interests of profit before people.

"...City Council candidate Mary Ann Nihart has been funded by the San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR) since 2008..."

Well, that explains Nihart's efforts to dismantle Pacifica's then-in-process mega-home ordinance. Unsuccessful in her proposal to cancel it altogether, she did weaken the requirements.

Received today yet another mailing supporting Nihart -- several funded by the out-of-town real estate sellers. WHY do they want her re-elected so?

I realize their endorsement interviews are private, but you can imagine what she musta told 'em. ("Lotsa houses for you to sell!")

Few are aware that City Council candidate Mary Ann Nihart has been funded by the San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR) since 2008:


The San Mateo County Democratic Party has endorsed City Council candidate Deirdre Martin as an excellent choice worthy of your vote.

There is also a Green Party-endorsed candidate named Bridget Duffy who is a strong environmentalist and has been battling Realtor Sue Vaterlaus up and down the coast on renters rights, including at Congresswoman Jackie Speier's Town Hall on Rent:

Homemaker Bridget Duffy -- For Renters Rights:

Realtor Sue Vaterlaus -- Against Rent Control:

Riptide is very grateful to longtime reader and supporter Carl May for his many astute comments on our posts, giving other readers detailed and pointed historical notes on Coastside environmental issues.

Thank you, real estate and loan industries, for the Great Recession.

Number 2 would be the Adopted Alignment of the Devil's Slide Bypass, which was stopped with the help of overwhelming anti-bypass testimony at a Coastal Commission meeting in the Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco. A few months later, before the required six-month waiting period, Caltrans was back at a Coastal Commission hearing with a revised EIR for the Martini Creek Alignment, which would have entered the existing Route 1 on its southern end just north of what was then the Chart House in Montara. A coastal commissioner from Chula Vista then flipped his vote, broke the tie, and the Martini Creek Alignment was approved by the CC. Yes, as San Mateo County supervisors, liberal Democratic darlings Speier and Eshoo approved the five- to six-lane, mountain-and-park-wrecking bypass both times before it went to the CC. Also, Rep. Tom Lantos had obtained federal emergency funds for the bypass and would not countenance our efforts to get him to go for an alternative solution to the occasional outings at Devil's Slide every 10-15 years during particularly rainy seasons (usually El Ninos). So the lawsuits over the many bypass violations of the Coastal Act, federal highway laws, and other statutes began. A decade later, in the mid-1990s, the only San Mateo County supervisors ever to come out against the wide bypass through Montara Mountain (the Martini Creek Alignment) were Lempert (a Democrat) and Barrales (a Republican).

Moral: Don't expect your congenial, even progressive, San Mateo County supervisors to object to community- and landscape-wrecking road widenings.

As a result, Pacifica's Climate Action Plan (CAP) is incompetent: Taking more energy to produce than it saves, it does not meet the bare minimum CAP goal of "Kyoto or better."

Yes, we support Deirdre Martin for Pacifica City Council.
Deirdre represents Pacifica residents, not elected officials, many of whom have supported highway-widening plans in the past, some of whom would support paving over Pacifica for a freeway down the coast.*

* Highway 1 widening plans defeated in the recent past include:
(1) Sharp Park freeway extension of 380 -- including a widening and a massive cloverleaf interchange onto Highway 1 at Rockaway -- was rescinded March 29, 1979. This development was supported by Congresswoman Speier and others. There's a boulder on the west side of Highway 1 where construction was to begin.
(2) The Martini Creek Alignment at Princeton Harbor was stopped in the 1980s. This development was supported by Congresswoman Speier and others. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martini_Creek

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