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November 08, 2016


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Trump did this with alt-right resources like Breitbart/Bannon and others -- and it was an appeal to non-college-educated whites that probably put him over the top.

What's really sad is that they believed Trump's rhetoric about jobs they think are coming back -- that Trump said he'd bring back. Trump is not the problem, though -- it's Pence, and the extreme right wingers in Congress who chose not to do their job but rather to obstruct every single action over the past eight years. The Republican Party led by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and others chose not to participate in government -- even to shut it down -- rather than accede to the requirements of their jobs.

The American people are PAYING them to do this, AND Congress gets better healthcare for less money than almost all Americans. What's wrong with this picture?

There were many narrow-issue collections of voters that won for Trump. Clinton got about the same percentages that polls have given to her all along. But Trump was able to cobble together -- perhaps unconsciously, or perhaps cleverly -- narrow-minded groups of single-issue voters and thereby get notably higher overall percentages in key states than the pollsters were giving him. Look at the almost continuous swath of Rust Belt states from Pennsylvania across the northern Midwest that went narrowly for Trump. That was an American Brexit. Elsewhere he appealed just enough to the xenophobes, uninformed, bigots, misogynists, gun nuts, blind patriots, defense spenders, science deniers, fundamentalist Christian religion pushers, celebrity worshipers, those who wanted change for the sake of change, and so on, to varying degrees, depending on the cultures of different locales, to get the few extra percentage points he needed to win. His inconsistent, off-the-wall, loony rhetoric meant nothing to true believers on narrow issues.

So now we have our Duterte-elect.

Russians buy $7 million SF church to provide "thought leadership":

Haven't we already permitted enough Russian leadership in this year's presidential election?

This story about Trump's alleged ties to Russia is disturbing:

Who is Donald Trump? What are his business interests, obligations, and liabilities -- and where are they? Who are his business partners and what types of relationships are they? Is Trump overleveraged with foreign liabilities? Is he in debt to Russia? Why does Trump support Russian foreign policy positions, including a breakup of NATO? What is in Trump's tax returns these past 20 years?

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