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November 2016

Mountain Lion Alerts: Pumas Patrol Pacifica

First Sighting

There was a second sighting on Crespi Drive, November 15, and a third on November 30. Around 8 a.m., a resident observed a mountain lion in the roadway on Manzanita Drive near the intersection of Alicante Drive. The animal did not appear injured and was not aggressive. The animal ran away soon after it was spotted. Officers responded to the area but did not locate the animal.






Cessna Crashes on Approach to HMB Airport

SF Gate Story

CBS News

Pilot injured, passenger killed.

A small plane crashed north of Half Moon Bay Airport in Moss Beach. Emergency personnel will be working through the night. Roadways will be closed in the area. At this time Park Way from Orval Ave to Marine Blvd and Los Banos Ave from Airport St to Park Way are closed. We do not have an estimated time the Roadways will reopen. Thank you for your patience while traveling in the area. Deputy Moody OES 15


Pacifica Tribune Raises Rates

Riptide's Better Business Burro brays about the Pacifica Tribune raising its subscription rates to $30 for six months and $49 for one year. The senior rate remains $22 for one year. We are sure that the newspaper has its business reasons for the rate increase. In any case, we always support print journalism and urge our readers to continue supporting the hometown rag. Special kudos to Tribune writers Jane Northrop and Jean Bartlett.

Trumped: Jones, Arnade, Greenwald, Klein, Friedman, Palast, Krugman, Keillor, Moore, The Simpsons

Van Jones

Trump Voter "Whitelash"

Chris Arnade

Stop Mocking Trump Fans

Chris Arnade

Talking to Trump Supporters

Glen Greenwald

The Lesson of Brexit

Naomi Klein

Neoliberalism Did It

Thomas Friedman

Homeless in America

Greg Palast

The Election Was Stolen

Paul Krugman

Thoughts for the Horrified

Garrison Keillor Pre-Election

Garrison Keillor Post-Election

Michael Moore Foresaw Trump Win

The Simpsons Foresaw It in 2000

Anti-Trump Movement

Democratic Dysfunction