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Pacifica Tribune Raises Rates

Riptide's Better Business Burro brays about the Pacifica Tribune raising its subscription rates to $30 for six months and $49 for one year. The senior rate remains $22 for one year. We are sure that the newspaper has its business reasons for the rate increase. In any case, we always support print journalism and urge our readers to continue supporting the hometown rag. Special kudos to Tribune writers Jane Northrop and Jean Bartlett.


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FYI to all -- Pacifica Tribune rates are as follows

Senior Rate $25 a year (65 and over). We don't know you're a Senior unless you let us know.
1 year Home Delivery Subscription -- $39 a year.
1 year In-County Mail Delivery -- $49.
1 year Out-of-County Mail Delivery -- $59.

If a home delivery is missed and you call us before noon on Thursday, we will deliver one to you. If you call us after that time, you are more than welcome to come in and pick one up.

Thank you to all who subscribe to the Pacifica Tribune.

Actually, last week's paper mentioned the Senior Citizen rate was being increased to $25.00 per year.

It would be nice if the Pacifica Tribune featured local Pacifica writers. Instead we Pacificans are afflicted weekly with windy editorials from Marin County hot-tubbers.

Is this why I'm paying an increase in my subscription? It's surely not for customer service. When I called yesterday to complain about non-delivery, the nice lady at the Tribune said they can't deliver, sorry, but you can drive by the office to pick one up. And they want to increase the subscription rates? For what?

I realize we must support our local paper; they are trying hard, but at least can't they feature local writers and local issues and perhaps limit the Marin hot-tubbers to expert wine selection recommendations?

Sounds like Riptide, Mr. Mencken.

For the folks who work there, printing the Tribune is largely a labor of love for Pacifica.

There's not a lot of money and not a lot of glory, but last year they broke a number of stories we didn't get and wouldn't have gotten by any other source.

A local newspaper is both a luxury and a necessity, and some people take for granted what it contributes to the community. Thanks to everyone at the Tribune and keep up the good work!

Yes, please support our local newspaper! Too many people rely on blogs that post rumors or carefully curated links to only those opinions the blogger supports for their news.

People who only get their news from like-minded sources are the primary contributors to the extremely divisive rhetoric we see across society today.

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