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November 01, 2016


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Why are you folks unhappy with Carole Groom or Don Horsley when they act in a perfectly consistent manner with their past decisions? The last time either was up for re-election for the county Board of Supervisors, they faced virtually no opposition. Both supported and voted for the grossly inappropriate Big Wave development on Airport Blvd. near the Princeton harbor on Half Moon Bay (the bay, not the city), a dense development in the coastal zone with several over-building issues not unlike the over-development proposed for the quarry and a development that will add many hundreds of cars to inadequate local roads and highways--including some effect on Pacifica. Both took part in the county's effort to push Big Wave (aka "Big Pave") through the Coastal Commission. Both supported the county's multimillion-dollar development and promotion of the new asphalt strip park on the old highway at Devil's Slide and increased visitation to the midcoast after the double-sized tunnels were opened, thus adding many unnecessary cars to the already overburdened Highway 1 in Pacifica and the midcoast, especially on weekends and holidays. Both will have no problem with spending Measure A funds to widen Highway 1 in Pacifica, should such funds become part of the mix. (No on K!) And on and on.

Time for Pacificans, and all the rest of us, to grow up politically and start nominating and voting for independent people who reference the real, material world and consider long-term consequences in their legislation and decisions. And with particular reference to Pacifica, stop the crazy notion that the Democratic (or the Republican, for that matter) Party will work in your best interest.

Carole Groom is part of the good-old-boy (and girl) system that has corruptly governed San Mateo County for many years. After her stint on the Board of Supervisors, she (with no qualifications other than long-term seat warming) gets on the Coastal Commission. This is how the system works for the one percenter politicians who continually fail upward.

Yes, this event was "invitation only" and no friends or substitute guests.

The quarry developer website, which says it is of and by "Pacifica residents," contains a lot of material that is just plain wrong. For example, the developer claims Measure W will "restore the creek." The truth is that Measure W specifically REMOVES two-thirds of the legally protected habitat all along each side of the creek, permitting the developer to do anything he wants to an additional 200 feet on both sides of the creek. That couldn't happen today because that habitat is protected under law.

With this clear and obvious phony backdrop, one has to wonder
just what Coastal Commissioner Carole Groom was discussing with folks who want to put the equivalent of a small city inside the quarry?

More than 25 years ago it became obvious that a new citizens coastal initiative on the order of Prop. 20 was needed to more clearly delineate the objectives and clean up the faults in the current Coastal Act. Among those faults is the politics-dominated way coastal commissioners are appointed, giving us arbiters who are unqualified to consider the real-world matters of coastal regulation and protection.

Tell Don Horsley, she's his protege -- and, it appears, his mouthpiece.

Did Groom disclose this in Ex-Parte at the beginning of the meeting?

Ever since its overt political firing of the last director, the California Coastal Commission brazenly displays a developer agenda. It's a wonder anyone bothers to attend its "science-based" public meetings.

Sounds like it's time for a new lawsuit to put them in their place

Carole Groom met with a group of pro-development Pacificans at A Grape in the Fog on October 3 in an invitation-only event. This issue was on the "menu" and the reasons behind this closed-door meeting were listed as ocean rise management and Coastal Commission activity, to name a few. How inappropriate for an appointed official who is supposed to be a steward to the environment and a neutral non-stakeholder to hold an invitation-only event to discuss her pro-development agenda for the Coastside. Carole Groom has no business being on the California Coastal Commission.

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