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The national park system will make a really good display of this information. Along with all the native American, Patti Hearst, etc. history on the site.

Here you go, Eileen.

Mr. Wagner - Has the file been taken down? When I click on the link to your report, I get nothing. I'd love to read it!

Before we get too excited about the "Sharp Park" park, let's remember that there is a viable, much-used archery range and a very active San Francisco archery club on this site. in addition, an extremely valuable piece of United States history remains to be studied, namely, the old Sharp Park POW internment camp in World War II. See my Riptide post on this subject (use Google search box on the top-right sidebar).

thanks mr. currie. i have not visited manzanar, however, i understand that it is a moving experience. in additon to "Farewell to Manzanar", "Una Storia Segreta" is a powerful book full of memoirs of Italian American experiences before, during and after incarceration in these camps. The stories are not only from those locked up but also from family members and how this affected the entire family. the book is available at the library. the stories are relatively short and facinating.

If anyone finds this topic interesting, I suggest reading "Farewell to Manzanar."

I appreciate all that you are doing. Thank you.

Cool Jim! This is an interesting piece of Pacifica history.

Go for it Jim. An 89 year old neighbor of mine remembers local Italians being interned and has been waiting for someone to do a story about it.

Thanks Jim! That was very interesting.

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