California Senate Denounces Trump Travel Ban
More PG&E Fubar


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Are the materials--lumber, metals, etc.--being recycled?

OK, so "Singer Associates" were handing out press releases. How much is that costing the taxpayer?
I don't want any crap about confidentiality. The city should answer, period.

To answer Wm. Boyce's question, Singer Associates, Inc. employees were handing out press releases this morning at 310 Esplanade.

Ms. Tinfow held a press conference -- maybe taxpayer money was saved this time, maybe not.

Why would anyone need to inquire about anything anyway? The building is red-tagged and is being demolished. End of story.

Which PR firm will the city be hiring to handle "inquiries" from the media? Or will they, in their well-paid positions, pick up the phone?

Demolish the building and send Mr. Tong the bill.

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