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They are not rerouting the extension; they're closing it, sending cars to Sloat, making adjustments to accommodate added traffic and reopening Armory. Parking off Sloat will be a permanent mess with this project, and they're going to have to figure out a way to protect the pedestrians. I am not a fan of the fat dollar gentrification of the coast, and that is exactly what is contained in those plans. Dropping southbound lanes on the Great Highway is more of the same. Pretty little benches, ads on moveable barriers (and lots of native landscaping, a good thing) make for cute little Instagram photo-ops at the beach access. Less than 10 years ago, people moved to the beach for what you see right now, not the vision of some overpaid slick with a drafting program drinking a latte telling us what the coast should look like because his firm figured out there is a fat paycheck in managed retreat. God save the beach!

"concrete, riprap, or abandonment." Which one do you favor? "Leave the Great Highway alone" = abandonment. The other option being proposed is rerouting.

This has been an ongoing conversation since the 2009 storms caused 40 feet of erosion by the wastewater treatment plant. The parking lot is an ongoing joke. It took them about six years to put forward ideas as to how to best resolve this problem. I would be surprised if San Francisco rerouted the extension and relocated a wastewater treatment plant, but The City is always full of surprises. There aren't many places east of the highway for a plant that size. That is a commute road for many who know the backroads. Rerouting it is not a smart alternative because eventually the section by the zoo will also be a problem child and Skyline to Sunset already exists. This conversation will eventually divide every coastal city: concrete, riprap, or abandonment.

If they leave the Great Highway alone, within a few years there will be no Great Highway in that stretch south of Sloat.

Traffic consultants are clearly looking for projects. They built a highway and houses on sand dunes. Leave the Great Highway alone and while you're visiting the Sunset, hit Java Beach. Killer sandwiches and chillax natives.

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