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No, I was referring to the homeless in the city of Half Moon Bay -- most still there in spite of several recent moves to empty encampments, such as the one behind Safeway. Granted, the city-county boundary distinction can be a fuzzy one with regard to this issue due to the odd shape of the city on all sides. The increase in the vehicles on Airport Road and in the Princeton area is a recent one, partly due to displacement of some of them from HMB. Of course, there are also homeless technically in county areas just outside the city limits of Pacifica. I doubt that the people involved worry too much about the exact locations of boundaries.

@Carl May, two years ago, Hispanic leaders in Half Moon Bay (originally named "Spanish Town") weren't calling it a "housing crisis." They were calling it an "ethnic cleansing" due to all the Hispanics being evicted or priced out of Half Moon Bay.

Anyone who takes a lap around the Half Moon Bay airport can count the trailers and RVs (which were red-tagged on or about Sunday, May 14) with full-time occupants.

But the airport is actually in unincorporated San Mateo County (Princeton/Moss Beach) and not within Half Moon Bay city limits.

Says a Nextdoor Pacifica poster: "That is because Half Moon Bay drops their homeless in Pacifica. A Half Moon Bay business owner told my husband and me that the sheriff came and got the homeless man that was on the owner's property and that he was taking him to Pacifica..."

I suspect Half Moon Bay was undercounted. There is a large, obvious homeless presence there, with quite a few living in vehicles.

Yeah! We're number one -- in homeless people! When you break those top-three down per capita, it's even worse:

One of every 332 Pacifica residents is homeless.
One of every 287 East Palo Alto residents is homeless.
One of every 817 Redwood City residents is homeless.

"Based on geography, Pacifica had the most unsheltered homeless in the county with 112 people counted, marking a 78 percent increase from 2015. East Palo Alto followed with 98 homeless individuals for a 3 percent increase. Redwood City came in third with 94 unsheltered people, but which was a 58 percent decrease from 2015 when 223 people were counted, according to the report. "

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