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It probably means the bank's success made it a takeover target. But that's only my guess.
First National has had a good reputation on the coastside for many years and was one of my business banks until it left Eureka Square. As a savings bank, its approach to banking let it avoid taking part in and failing as a consequence of the financial institution meltdown from 2007-2009. I do as little online banking as possible; and recently, I have been considering opening a personal checking account with the Linda Mar branch. But I won't be able to do that before checking out the record and the nature of the business of Tri Counties Bank. If Tri Counties is both a savings and an investment bank, that will be a deal killer.

“We’re sort of, in some respects, a victim of our own success,” McGraw said of the business that got its start in Daly City in 1963.

What does that mean? The reporter doesn't ask, so we don't know.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Alas, that's kind of typical rookie journalism -- no follow-up questions, no depth.)

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