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Big Banker, Los Angeles Downtown aside, I do remember how awesome South of Market (SOMA) was before all the condos and the ballpark, the UCSF medical campus, and any other recent construction garbage that infected the area. I lived in the SOMA area for a decade, rode my mountain bike everywhere, and it was good. The redevelopment that has blighted the area in recent years is nothing more than money for a few, while thousands upon thousands of generational living spaces are gone forever. SOMA is not better in my eyes, it's just the same as everywhere else, no soul, no breath, no creativity.

More people in a place already grossly overpopulated.

Maybe there will be a new homeless shelter as a condition for development.

There seems to be a lot of talk about how this will transform downtown, and there’s been a lot of development in the area recently. Do you think it’s ready for something this big? Absolutely. For one, the Los Angeles Convention Center is in desperate need of hotel rooms, and Angels Landing is close enough to be accessible. You’ve also got the Broad Museum and a lot of offices in downtown, so from the hotel side, it’s definitely sorely needed. I think having a plaza that’s conducive for people to utilize instead of office plazas, which get a lot of use but mostly get dark at night, is a significant add. It’s not a gigantic site; it’s two-and-a-half acres, but the buildings go up and you have Angels Flight nearby. It’s all a part of creating a center of attraction for people who are there.

Todd, do you remember what South Of Market looked like before AT&T Park was built? Investment in a blighted or underutilized area brings in more investment.

Um, downtown L.A. is a very rough skid row. Best of luck with the neighborhood.

The make of the car that responded to the message on Don Peebles' placard, “Honk if you like my L.A. high-rise” suggests that the project could be a commercial failure, say palindrome lovers:

“L.A. Edsel beeps Peebles deal.”

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