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The website I was trying to share is If you scroll to the bottom, there is a poster for the Open House.

This looks like jobs, internships, education for local kids, and parents and tourists, too!

Thanks, Dan. Here is the other link you found for the open-house event:

My goodness, a good idea rises from the dead! I had forgotten all about this great idea and I thank you, Mitch, for resurrecting it. I can't be at the council meeting as I have a rehearsal on Monday night, but I would urge folks to come or call council members to support this great concept.

I'm also very curious as to why, after 20 years of on-again-off-again negotiations, the city has been unable to work out a deal with a hotel developer. Are city officials of such incompetence that nothing ever worked? Or are the demands of developers such that they want the property for nothing? Anybody have any insight on this question?

I remember working in support of a Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center back in the day. It remains an excellent idea. It is of great importance that the general population acquire a good general (or more detailed for those ready to study it further) understanding of how the natural environment works. I am absolutely ready to jump on board again. For an understanding of the kind of new energy such a center would attract, I recommend visiting the open house at the Moss Landing Marine Lab on April 28 to meet some young scientists and ocean enthusiasts. ( The benefits such a center could bring to our town and the benefits our town could bring to the culture at large are immense. For those who measure all things in dollars and cents, I want to say that the indirect monetary benefits of becoming such a destination would draw new business and help existing businesses to grow.

First came the Discovery Site; now it's the Discovery Center. Someone should open a business in Pacifica and name it Discovery. Think of the free advertising!

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