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Parts of Pacifica that haven't had any representation feel like they need a City Council member to do more for their part of the community. Everyone pays taxes, everyone should be heard. Pacifica and the people who control Pacifica just don't like change.

Peter, I don't agree with you a lot. That is okay. But I have to say, you were on City Council, you served your community, and I thank you for that.

District elections in Pacifica would increase the probability that candidates would run unopposed in their districts and even that no candidates would run in some districts. And where there was more than one person running in a district, assuming a 50% turnout (or even less), the winning candidate might need only a few hundred votes to be elected.

If Pacifica moved to City Council elections by district, each candidate would need to reach only about 2,200 voters or so. It'd be much easier to walk door to door (for those who do that sort of thing) and less costly than campaigning city-wide.

The influence of large donors would be reduced, as candidates not raising lots of money could be viable. I suppose big commercial givers would not favor such a change.

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