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"Erosion damage" is not preventable or fixable: Wave and rain action on a coastal ledge result in a crumbling coast. Any sea wall will also eventually erode. People were warned decades ago not to build close to the edge, yet they chose to do so.

Thank goodness the public doesn't have to pay for someone's foolish choice to build on an eroding edge.

Here's a link to the story that's more readable:

Someone kept calling the Coastal Commission complaining about a local property owner trying to do emergency repairs to his sea wall protecting his property.

You can't scream about erosion damage, then complain when someone tries to stop it.

"The owners must also remove the large rocks from the beach, repair the sea wall and public stairs, restore the grading on the beach, perform erosion control, replant the area with native plants and restore a public viewing area at the top.”

"In November, city officials told the commission that there was heavy machinery grading the beach below. When the commission’s staff members arrived, they found huge boulders all over the beach, taking up large sections of it, and heavy grading, all without any permits."

Good. Not the fine, but the demand for access.

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