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It was pretty simple. All applicants were present to see the bingo balls pop up.

No remarks were made by any city dignitaries present: Keener, City Manager, Vaterlaus, Martin, and police chief. They all sat by quietly.

What were the results of the lottery?

If there is any logic about this, it is to narrow the field. Once six are chosen, they can be vetted, and if found wanting can be replaced. You may not get the seller you want, but in the end you will still be able to buy pot. And if the store owner(s) acts outside the charter of any agreement, there will be no hesitation to replace that operator.

Like it or not, Pacifica's lottery to grant six business licenses to sell recreational cannabis will be conducted at 4 PM on Wednesday, May 9 at the Community Center.

I agree that a lottery system is the lowest common denominator for selecting vendors, but any other system with government bureaucrats and lobbyists involved inevitably falls victim to outside money influences. Witness the State of Ohio pot initiative that was voted down when angry voters discovered only pot vendors with bags of money were selected as official vendors.

No. What I want is a prudent and practical process for picking Pacifica pot permits.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: And alliteration always abides!)


Ian & Peter:

Did you want to open up a pot shop?

I agree. A lottery is absolutely the worst way to pick Pacifica pot permits.

Excellent op-ed! A deeper problem than how the lottery is run is the very existence of a lottery at all. Exactly zero citizens spoke in favor of the lottery system when it was proposed, and it appeared that the city listened and dropped the idea. Somehow it reappeared in the final plan, eliminating any chance for the city to use actual judgment in choosing which applicants to accept. Imagine hiring employees that way, just putting all the applications in a hat -- we can all agree that would be insane -- as is this.

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