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"Internet" and "privacy" go together like fish and bicycles. It's an oxymoron, like computer security or software documentation or Microsoft Works or user-friendly computer or business ethics.

This is pretty simple stuff and I don't know why you're having such trouble with it. NextDoor is not a public forum. It's privately run and intended for local neighborhoods. People post there with the reasonable expectation that only a small subset of people will see it.

You're not the owner of the photo, nor do you have permission from NextDoor to repost it here, so if you don't want to be called out for a copyright violation, don't violate copyright.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: NextDoor readers often share stories and pictures with Riptide, and credit is always given, as a professional courtesy.)

If you don't want to be quoted, don't post to public forums. Traffic horse-gate is one of the burning issues of our troubled times and deserves to be fully aired.

NextDoor contributors are now on notice that anything they post to NextDoor may be reposted to Riptide against their consent and against NextDoor's terms of service and they should just "lighten up" about it. Nice.

We need a masked ad hoc committee to invade SF and take one of its traffic horses. Or two, counting interest. No peace without justice.

Lighten up, Francis -- no reason to get your panties in a bunch over a lighthearted story.

Just great, NextDoor has now become a news source.

Barely one evolutionary step above "Fake News" is "Creating Mountain Out Of Molehill News," which is what this is. The considerably less interesting reality here is that either Esquivel Grading and Paving (the name on the bottommost of the two SF DPW street permits affixed to the sign) was doing a job in Pacifica, or is working with somebody who did. When whoever collected their A-frame signs, they grabbed one or more City of Pacifica signs, tossed them in their truck, and eventually took them to a job site in San Francisco where the picture was taken. This kind of A-frame sign swaparound occurs continuously between construction companies and the cities that hire them.


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