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The contributions speak for themselves. LA real estate money funding local candidates.
Do you want local control of land use issues, or not?

Can candidates receive thousands in out-of-town money and be independent? Can they bite the hand that feeds them?

Is there ANY issue where they diverge from the real estate industry? Are the candidates willing to share with us the questionnaires they filled out to get endorsed?

The barrage of mailers is about to begin -- brace yourself! It's gonna be nasty, and it's legal to lie -- so they surely will.

One solution is district elections, where candidates can walk their neighborhood (one-fifth of town) and not have to raise beaucoup bucks to be viable.

Not to be taken lightly. We saw how successful at confusing and swaying voters these out-of-area real estate interests were with their irrelevancies and lies during the rent control campaign.

We are being besieged by out-of-town, out-of-state real estate PAC money for the real estate industry to control our small-town council majority. It says to me that the three candidates involved in raking in the real estate industry PAC money are traitors to our harmonious small-town lifestyle.

O'Neill and his two Shih Tzu puppy dog candidates must fail. If any of them win, we will be in Trumpville.

I second that emotion!

Excellent piece. The money pouring into our present election has taken a nefarious turn in the form of a smear campaign against our mayor John Keener. In my 30 years as a Pacifican, I have never seen a negative campaign against a candidate, and with good reason. These people are our neighbors and such tactics divide our community further, the last thing we need in these increasingly divisive times. That these tactics are, by and large, paid for by outside interest groups makes this feel like a hostile invasion of our community's right to self-determination. I know John Keener and have tremendous respect for his compassion, independence, and love for the people of this town. We must stand together and reject this violation of the democratic process.

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