October 09, 2018


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Big Banker, parking at BART stations is free after 3pm on weekdays.

BTW, from Colma, my phone-suggested transit method is BART to 16th St., then board the 55 bus with a short five-minute walk to Chase Center. I've walked most of that route and it's not something I'd do during or after the game, but...

Personally, I'd probably stick with BART to Powell St. and walk from there. On the other hand, I don't intend to visit Chase Center for a while anyway because it's easier to watch on our TV and the line for the women's bathroom is definitely shorter!

You can take BART (Daly City Station) with $3 parking (free after 5 p.m. and weekends) to Embarcadero Station, then take the Muni T train for free. I forgot what the BART round trip was because I use my Clipper Card.

It is about a 2-mile walk from Embarcadero Station to Chase Center. About a mile from BART to Oracle Park, with a recommended pit stop at 21st Amendment, then about a 3/4-mile walk from Oracle to Chase. On a nice day or night, it's a nice walk along the waterfront.

BART Clipper Cards are discounted for youths and seniors.

"Concert attendees can ride Caltrain to the San Francisco Station and either walk 15-20 minutes ..."
I stopped reading there. But can I get Caltrain in Pacifica now? Oh, "Parking at Caltrain stations costs $5.50 for the day." So round trip (day pass) from San Bruno station is $7.50 + $5.50 parking = $13. How much is an Uber from my front door to Chase center?

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