October 31, 2018


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A thought occurred to me: What sort of social media campaign was bought and paid for in the local election? I saw many targeted campaign ads coming in on Yahoo, among other places for the real estate candidates. What else got done on Facebook and other platforms?

We may now assume that Pacifica is a "low-information" voting population. Not in terms of national, or even state events, but in that the lies promulgated by the real estate industry were bought, hook, line, and sinker.
There is no newspaper of any repute here now and therefore no local arbiter of information.
I wish I had some beacon of hope, but we are on our own at this point. Blogs such as this one are a wonderful thing, but they don't reach enough people.

These real estate candidates got elected with tens of thousands of out-of-town dollars -- and they'll be happy to spend taxpayer funds on speculative development (how many more Fassler Hills does Pacifica need?).

When it comes to usual best-practice conservative practices for managing public resources and money, expect fiscal irresponsibility:

Instead of preparing for long-term risks like fire and flood with fire safety practices and drills, short-term speculative *sure things* will be the order of the day. No, running the tsunami siren at noon every once in a while doesn't count!

Yeah, what Lionel said. I guess all that is left is to sue City Council members who vote in favor of the money that got them elected. I see no other way forward.

The corruption of local politics by the influence of outside money is disgusting, but even worse news is that only 23.5 percent of registered voters in this county bothered to vote.

Well, it appears that with enough money and a propensity to lie endlessly, even local elections can be bought. It doesn't bode well for the next election, but at least the real estate industry got what it wanted.

Lionel: I am waiting for the next mini Ice Age they taught us about in grade school.

Here is a Nature article, brief and technical, from five days ago.
If anyone thinks that the future doesn't involve sea-level rise of significant proportions, they'd best think again. "Managed retreat" may become full-scale flight.


To quote Evita:

The Money Kept Rolling In.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Rollin' on in, rollin' on in
Rollin' on in, rollin' on in
On in

As of Nov. 1, the amount spent by real estate on the anti-Keener mailers is just shy of $49,000.


Sue Beckmeyer spoke out against the Keener/Digre/Martin proposal to make this information easily available, on the City of Pacifica website. O’Neill and Vaterlaus voted against the proposal.

Take a look at the October 25 version of the contributions/expenditures report posted above. In addition to the tens of thousands of dollars the real estate industry spent to sell us on Beckmeyer, Flores, and O'Neill, the California Association of Realtors finally (belatedly) disclosed the amount it contributed to the ubiquitous, anti-Keener smear campaign: $37,000+!!

There is a reason the real estate industry is spending so much money on this little race -- and it is not because it has the city's best interests at heart.

You can see the updated doc here:

Redwood City has been infected as well.


Chris's post leaves out his candidate’s (Beckmeyer) SAMCAR bias, which is to defer the Local Coastal Plan process. The SAMCAR candidates have stated this clearly, based on a lot of intentional misinformation re managed retreat (telling folks blatant lies that the city and Keener are going to tear down all the seawalls NOW and let coastal homes flood). This is a scare tactic, not based on reality. The state and the county are using managed retreat as an adaptation planning tool for future scenarios. Not many Pacificans realize the San Mateo County Vulnerability Assessment has the same maps as the Draft LCP, but they incorporated managed retreat in their Plan--they refer to it as "retreat" and "managed retreat." https://seachangesmc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/2018-03-12_SLR_VA_Report_2.2018_WEB_FINAL.pdf

Managed retreat has always been one of several potential adaptation options, used IF and only IF sea-level rise increases at the projected rates and ONLY in approximately 20-40 years. Other lies are that the public process was flawed (not true--look at the city's website for details of many public outreach events) and that the science was all biased and needed to be redone (Beckmeyer quote--based on false statements that our consultant was not to be trusted, which is ridiculous. ESA is a nationally recognized expert on sea-level rise planning).

SAMCAR candidates want to promote more development in the coastal zone despite coastal erosion and sea-level rise. They treat the Coastal Commission as an enemy combatant. See their candidate questionnaire #12:
“The California Coastal Commission retains authority over many areas of development within SAMCAR’s region. In your view, should the Coastal Commission be allowed to subvert local government control of land use?
Funny enough, the Coastal Commission grant funding is the only way our city can afford to update our old LCP. Plus we need the state to fund our Beach Boulevard seawall repair and protect other areas from coastal erosion.


There is a false assumption that the LCP update would lower property values as if Pacifica's status as a poster city for ongoing coastal erosion hasn't added fodder to the numerous studies that coastal property values are falling as climate change impacts increase. Google “climate change and coastal property values”. There are numerous articles including “'Climate gentrification' is changing Miami real estate values."

The interesting question is: Do coastal homeowners (like Chris) think that all Pacifica taxpayers should pay private property owners who lose their homes due to sea-level rise? Should the city/taxpayers have to pay for homes lost or damaged in an earthquake?

In addition, adopting SAMCAR values means making choices such as never requiring point-of-sale sewer lateral replacements. SAMCAR doesn’t support these ordinances.
--see Question #6 on the Candidate questionnaire.

Meanwhile Linda Mar Beach is the 3rd-most-polluted beach in California--in part due to leaking sewer laterals. Rockaway Beach is rated “F” for pollution. This is why we don’t need a realtor-controlled City Council--profits before environment and community.

I can't get back in, John, to show you. But I did find out what set them off, and it was calling out a certain Kathleen, who is all over campaign filings, but pretends to be an uninvolved civilian. I might get out of jail around Thanksgiving, but will be unable to help with the election. It's on you, people. There were 3 votes cast for Keener and Bier from our house.

Dear Chris:
Please define acronyms when posting; a lot of us aren't as "in the know" about coastal planning and its agencies.

And how does your candidate plan to fund things that no one else has been able to figure out?

Don't feel bad. I got scolded by the midcoast NextDoor for simply posting a news story from the Half Moon Bay Review about a racist slur against an Asian driver. I told NextDoor that its supposedly no-controversy policy is a joke. NextDoor forums are full of controversy, and a lot of it is name calling and personal attacks. By the way, please share here the derogatory comments about Riptide. I love to save all my hate mail in a special place.

Don Butler is a lead at NextDoor. He made a derogatory comment about this blog. There were comments made by me, and others, about bias. Next thing I know I was banned. Was anyone else who might have commented on the out-of-town money or biased leads?

I appreciate Ms. Langille's editorial "connecting the dots." The fact that the majority of Pacificans didn't want a freeway segment between Vallemar and Rockaway Beach has frustrated the real estate industry endlessly. They just can't imagine why the peasants would object.

Greed is an ugly trait of human beings, and when a small group accumulates too much wealth and power, their unbalancing of society has, well, the effects we see today.

2020 will be no cleaner an election than this one; the "Citizens United" decision on money spent on politics being "protected" under the First Amendment ensures that.

Hi Celeste,

There's no need for you to make any assumptions about why I'm supporting Sue Beckmeyer during this campaign as I've been very clear about it with you.

On August 19, you sent me a NextDoor message asking me this question and this was my response in its entirety. Nothing has changed since then: Pacifica will be better off for having Sue Beckmeyer on council. Her history of leadership in the community and policy positions that seek to improve the daily lives of Pacificans were what appealed to me.

* * *

Hi Celeste,

It looks like our viewpoints are very different, but since you asked for them, here are mine for whatever they’re worth.

The way I see it, Pacifica has suffered for attempting to tackle regional problems on its own without partnerships among local stakeholders, other cities, and our county, state, and Federal agencies. Solutions are made all the more difficult to realize when particular stakeholders are singled out and demonized.

Turning to our LCP, I see the CCC and City of Pacifica having two very different mandates, but the City seems to be largely deferring to those of the CCC’s, despite a set of recommendations that will have acknowledged but ill-defined effects on Pacificans living outside of the LCP. Those impacts would be felt immediately upon adoption of the LCP, whereas the recommendations themselves are predicated on a set of conditions defined as having a 0.5 percent chance of occurring within the next 50 years.

We shouldn’t forget that this clash of mandates is happening largely because the development of the LCP is being primarily funded by a CCC grant. Because of this, they get to call the shots to a certain extent. But the bottom line is that we’re in this position because our city is so cash-poor, it had difficulty funding the LCP. How can we hope to address larger issues when we can’t even afford to develop our own land use plans? Our finances were slowly improving – what went wrong? And what is anyone going to do about it?

People are feeling increasingly disconnected from and abandoned by the City. Somewhere along the line, Council lost sight of the basics. Sue gets all this and is approaching it all with a pragmatic, level-headed attitude. She’s a smart, natural leader who understands our local issues in their broader regional context. She has my full support because Pacifica will be better off with her on Council.



They might as well be employed by the NAR at those rates

Just a few very wealthy people are paying thousands of dollars to pro-real estate candidates Mike O'Neill, Becky Flores, and Sue Beckmeyer.

These folks will try to put "Miami Beach" at Linda Mar. Sounds irrational, doesn't it? Especially when we learn Miami Beach is being flooded regularly now due to sea level rise. No one's talking yet about how much that costs building owners and taxpayers.

What could go wrong?

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