October 31, 2018


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Todd: Matt Levie lives in Park Pacifica.

i got kicked off NextDoor Rockaway by a Pacifica School District moderator who lives in Sharp Park, or did at the time. Matt Levie was his name, if i remember. And yes it was all land use/politically motivated, meaning that I had a different opinion from the prescribed realtor nonsense.

"...promise to notify Samcar...?" So the Real Estate 3 can get instructions from their patron?
At least we'll have the Best Council That Money Can Buy.

In response to my question on NextDoor as to why an entire topic was deleted, here are two posts from today. I deleted the names of the two people posting replies. Here's the NextDoor Feed:

I notice more than one post has been deleted.

Not surprising. The landlord-realtor crowd has a longstanding practice of abusing NextDoor's reporting system in order to silence dissenting views. One of them sends out an e-mail to the ten regular SAMCAR supporters who always over-post here, and in that e-mail, he or she links to a specific post or thread, and instructs the other people to all report that post for the same offense. So NextDoor's moderators see that ten people have flagged your post, and the moderators then assume you must be some kind of bad actor, and they delete your post. This strategy allows the SAMCAR people to create the false impression that they enjoy widespread support, and that only a few crackpots in the community disagree with them.

It's super sad that NextDoor's admins repeatedly allow this gang to game the system and suppress the free speech of their own neighbors.

I am curious: How many voices have been silenced on NextDoor? have been vocal about the efforts SAMCAR and a handful of usual Pacifica suspects have made to smear Keener and use lies to scare voters. Recently, out of the blue, I was told to either agree to abide by rules that are clearly only selectively enforced, or deactivate my account. I choose to deactivate. A lot of familiar voices had already been silenced by the time I was booted, and I have heard more have been shown the door since.

Smells like a purge.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Same thing happened to me on midcoast NextDoor. I quit and told them they were hypocrites.)

P.S. When asked about the SAMCAR money on NextDoor, Sue Vaterlaus stated that the contributions just “show up”; nobody asks for them. She added that she wouldn’t give it back or turn it down.

She didn’t mention the job application.

Alan, someone could post the questionnaire and ask the candidates and former candidates like Sue Vaterlaus how they answered. Voters have a right to know.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The SAMCAR questionnaire is on this post below the link for Dan Stegink's op-ed.)

SAMCAR's inclusion of question #15 is one thing; how the candidates answered it is yet another. Did they say yes, or did they say it would show preference and could have the appearance of possible conflict of interest, and therefore would violate the state code of ethics on both counts? Someone needs to ask the candidates how they answered.

Citizens United needs to be reversed

Can someone who can still post on NextDoor share this, please? It's outrageous.

SAMCAR busted again (and again, and again, and...). But it's important to remember that voters in local elections like those in Pacifica, Belmont, and elsewhere won't be aware of this when voting unless someone points it out to them. Broad public exposure of messages like SAMCAR and a few other real estate interests bought in the rent control election and are buying in the current city council election need to be broadly countered. As good as most people reading and commenting on Riptide are in their awareness, analyses, conclusions, and support for the truth, this blog and the several blogs coming from other directions in Pacifica can be like echo chambers at times. The Keener supporters on the highway during commute times are good, but everyone needs to contact directly as many non-activist voting acquaintances as possible before they cast their ballot (understanding that many already have).

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