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And if you're looking for a way to start being part of the answer to the problem of climate change -- global warming -- check out Paul Hawken's site, with 100 ways:

BREAKING: Trump Administration falsely claims warnings from scientists are exaggerated and based on the worst-case scenarios.

The Trump administration is accelerating the rate of global warming by increasing oil and gas operations, subsidizing coal plants and rescinding climate protections, and plans to exit international Paris agreement designed to cut greenhouse gas pollution.


FACTS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING: current fires, extreme hurricanes, & floods are just a small sample of what's coming. VIDEO!

Hopefully, taxpayer-funded repair for water-damaged properties built in the path of sea-level rise is also -- NOT IN THE PLAN.

Because most of us are unwilling to build or buy in flood, erosion, or sea-level rise zones, and don't feel any compunction to fund real estate cronies' desire to do so.

So, Carl, it appears the nonexistence of something did not remove that thing from the continuing politibabble.

Managed retreat, as a policy, is not included in the Local Coastal Plan Policies document, but the words "managed retreat" do appear in this one sentence: "Managed retreat is not included in any of the near-term policies. Managed retreat would be reconsidered in the mid- to long-term if feasibility and monitoring warranted, as detailed in Hazard Policy 5 and Hazard Policy 6.” (p. 9 of Draft

Hazard Policy 5 (Monitoring Shoreline Change).
The City shall implement a monitoring program for sea-level rise, beach width,
bluff offset, flooding and storm damage, and other potential measures or triggers
for guiding implementation of the LCP’s sea-level rise adaptation policies. The
monitoring program shall include yearly (minimum) shoreline and bluff edge
surveys and also establish thresholds for reassessing the City’s Adaptation Plan.

Hazard Policy 6 (Sea-level Rise Adaptation Plan Update)
The City shall reassess its Sea-level Rise Adaptation Plan as expressed in the LCP
general and sub-area coastal hazard adaptation policies every five years or sooner as
required by the shoreline monitoring program (Hazard Policy 5). The reassessment shall
consider the following:
 Efficacy of Adaptation Plan and implemented measures
 Updated sea level rise projections and risks.
 Potential need to revise adaptation measures or implement new measures,
including review of emerging engineering, science, and technologies.
 Funding needs and potential funding sources.

So, Peter, when did the nonexistence of something disqualify that thing from the babble of corrupted politics?

There is a front-page article in the Pacifica Tribune (November 28) about the recent Pacifica Planning Commission hearing, with quotes from Planning Director Tina Wehrmeister and City Manager Kevin Woodhouse, saying that managed retreat is not in the plan. This was also discussed at the most recent City Council meeting in which it was said that managed retreat is not in the plan. In the television news report on KTVU last night (the News Story link above connects to the written story), Woodhouse said that managed retreat is not in the plan. There is a new majority on council -- Mike O'Neill, Sue Beckmeyer, and Sue Vaterlaus -- all of whom have stated their opposition to managed retreat. Managed retreat will not devalue anyone’s property because it’s not in the plan. (Sea-level rise may devalue property, especially if there is unmanaged retreat like we currently have.) At the City Council meeting, they discussed whether or not to postpone a hearing on a 30-page policy document that does not contain managed retreat. Managed retreat is off the table. It’s not in the plan.

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