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Thank you, Margaret. There will be a king tide on Sunday, Jan. 20 at around 9:00 to 9:30 am in Pacifica. This tide table says it will be a 9 foot high tide.

The "king" tide on Sunday, December 23, was a chance for coastal visitors to see a seven-foot-high tide with almost no surge or waves near the pier. As the tide receded, the wind and surge picked up, and one wave broke at the wall, splashing over it to completely swamp a little car passing on Beach Boulevard.
The seven-foot-high "king" tide is a preview of what will be normal with a one-foot rise in sea level. The next "king" tides will arrive the weekend of January 19-20, 2019.

If public utilities are destroyed by a tsunami or just encroaching coastal erosion and sea level rise, presumably the public will have to pay with reused taxes.

Private property damage is for only one taxpayer to pay: the property owner!

Here's hoping there is no tsunami, ever.

John, I can manage my own retreat if I want to!

But that's not in the plan, Peter!

Thanks, Carl. Happy solstice to you too. When the tsunami comes, it will probably take out the Linda Mar sewage pump station and a good chunk of Highway 1 at the beach along with much of the lower Linda Mar neighborhood (along with Safeway and the new Panda Express - too bad). The Rockaway pump station will probably be taken out too, along with the Lighthouse hotel and Nick's. Maybe it will remove the pier without the city having to pay for demolition. The houses along Beach Blvd. (and the sewage and utility infrastructure in the street) will certainly be toast. There's not a seawall big enough to protect that neighborhood - or mine. I'm counting on the tsunami siren warning with enough time so I can get to the top of Fassler and watch my house wash away. I guess that will be my managed retreat.

Damn, I should have known better, Peter. As a lover of sarcasm, I hate it when I miss it. Solstice greetings, and may the tsunami miss your house.

Carl, I agree with you. I was being sarcastic. Some people seem to believe that eliminating the words "managed retreat" from long-range planning somehow will protect their homes from the consequences of sea level rise and loss of property value.

Who cares what you call it? Playing the real estate industry's semantics game to goose an ignorant public only prolongs and increases the severity of the reckoning that must take place. Public education about what is actually going on as severe storms impact seaside properties in Pacifica is part of what is needed to obliterate the myths of realtor organizations. Wishing that much of northern Pacifica is not on a soft, retreating bluff accomplishes nothing.

Carl, we must not use the words "managed retreat" because that will lower our property values.

With water coming over the already many-times-failed seawall, those homeowners can once again become familiar with the reality of their situation and begin to plan and manage their own retreat without defaulting to city government and real estate industry myth.

Is the city of Pacifica closing the pier or the promenade during this? What's expected for the homeowners along Beach Blvd.?

Surf's UP! 

Sunday, Monday and on into next week 40 foot waves are predicted. It's a dangerous time to be on the beach as huge waves could come very quickly, overwhelming you, causing hypothermia before you can get out.

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