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Globalization's dark side: food poisoning bug hits Mongolia KFC


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Here's a real national emergency--or is it just a mini-scandal at this point?

Read the Pentagon report on global warming and the worldwide threat it poses to more than 2 billion people. I'm surprised it's not mailed to every resident in the USA.

Vote in Democrats in November 2020 for real action on global warming.

And get on a Low carbon diet!
Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds--Be Part of the Global Warming Solution!" by David Gershon, 2007

Although they are all related, climate change is only the best-publicized of the "emergencies" in our material world. The loss of biodiversity is possibly larger and more dire in negative consequences than climate change. With a focus on human concerns, the ever-increasing gap between what humans are doing and what is sustainable on our planet--to put this another way, the failure to address a growing population's increasing demand for resources necessary for our lives and the actual reduction of those same resources--is far greater in scope and a more immediate problem than climate change. The more one considers these and other worsening real-world challenges, the more one realizes they must be acted on simultaneously.

Always wondered why people aren't more worried about our real national emergency.

Now we know:
The speed, scope, and severity of global warming are greatly UNDER-reported.

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