Spiffy remodel @ Linda Mar McDonald's
Pescadero man, 71, pleads no-contest to multiple lewd & lascivious acts with numerous girls


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This is a scary story. First, the city is not required to simply accept the lowest bid from any Joe Blow with a license: The contractor has to be qualified and vetted to do the job. Clearly, this one is not qualified. (Did I read the article correctly? Is the company we picked for the job actually a startup??)

Second, the project is a poop collection bin — there is literally zero room for error here, because mistakes will be disastrous for the city, for the environment, and for the poor neighbors, to whom my heart goes out. Without exaggeration, this is a situation where, if not done correctly, the “fix” could be so much worse than the problem it is supposed to solve.

Is there an action plan for making sure this startup is actually building the poop collection bin correctly?

The neighbors are saints for being so calm. They need to lawyer up and protect themselves, starting with the notion that they are supposedly expected to accept a one-year limitation on the integrity of the fixes that will have to be made to their homes for the damage caused by the city’s agents.

People, if you have not already done so, start videotaping and documenting now. Do not rely on surveys and pictures provided by the city or the contractors to prove your damages. Their interests are not aligned with yours!

Best of luck with this. I feel for you.

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