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Mystery plane @ HMB Airport


airplane specs

A plane exactly like this one did several go-arounds at Half Moon Bay Airport on February 21 between 1:30 and 2 p.m. The first one was wheels-up. The last three were wheels-down. At first I thought Surf Air might be coming to HMB, as it flies a similar Pilatus PC 12, but these look like US Air Force (USAF) markings. It seemed unusual and I'm curious if anyone has any input.
Dan Stegink


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Hmm... Surf Air. Couldn't we turn that piece of property between Highway 1 and San Pedro Road into a landing strip?

This is a USAF Pilatus U-28A. The U-28A is a modified, single-engine Pilatus PC-12 aircraft and is part of the Air Force Special Operations Command manned, airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance fleet.
The U-28A provides manned fixed-wing tactical airborne ISR support to humanitarian operations, search and rescue and conventional and special operation missions.

General Characteristics
Crew: 2 Pilots, 1 Combat Systems Officer, 1 Tactical Systems Officer
Builder: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
Power Plant: Pratt-Whitney PT6A-67B
Thrust: 1,200 horse power
Wingspan: 53 feet 3 inches (16.23 meters)
Length: 47 feet 3 inches (14.4 meters)
Height: 14 feet (4.25 meters)
Speed: 220 knots
Range: 1,500 nautical miles
Ceiling: 30,000 feet
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 10,935 lbs
Deployment Date: 2006
Unit Cost: $16.5 million
Inventory: Active duty, 28; Reserve/ANG, 0



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