HMB woman wins lawsuit vs. feed store whose pet cow broke her ribs
SamTrans buses' bigger bike racks


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This thing would be right in the face of all the neighborhoods I listed. It would be adjacent to the Seal Cove neighborhood, the manufactured-home community on Airport, and Princeton. It would probably violate the county's ridgeline development policy--not that it is well enforced, anyway.

Put this "art" somewhere habitat is already destroyed: How about Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

Oh OK, the neighbors who are not in the neighborhood but in other neighborhoods.

The neighbors in the Seal Cove area of Moss Beach, the neighbors in the manufactured home community, the neighbors in Princeton, the neighbors in Clipper Ridge, the neighbors in the northern part of El Granada, and anyone else who prefers the looks of natural ridge lines to developed ones. That blufftop would be the worst location for a proposed development since the Big Wave real estate scam below the same bluff. Monumental sculptures may be beautiful to some, but, for gosh sakes, put them in existing areas already sacrificed to development.

"... (the bluffs) above the Half Moon Bay Airport."– Zach Wormhoudt.
"Yeah, the neighbors want this." – Linty Marr.
What neighbors?

“Picture the largest wave from the largest swell in the last century, frozen and transported to (the bluffs) above the Half Moon Bay Airport.” So let me get this straight, rather then actually LOOK at the waves just beyond the bluffs, he proposes a massive view-blocking concrete wall set in an environmentally sensitive area "to foster ocean awareness" and that “ideally, it would be heavily blended into the landscape in a natural way”? Yeah, the neighbors want this.

Brilliant, I love it

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