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Vote at 16?

"Anyone who thinks 16-year-olds should vote has not spent time with enough 16-year-olds." (Publisher Sherman Frederick, Pacifica Tribune, April 3)

Frederick implies that 16-year-olds are too young to vote, but we bet there are 16-year-olds more qualified to vote than many voters of Frederick's age. What do you think?



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Old enough to drive is old enough to vote.

Is it a case of fear that 16-year-olds might vote for things like firearms background checks, clean air and water, family planning services, affordable higher education for anyone who can perform well in school, ban on glyphosate and other pesticides, non-carbon fuel-based energy, public utilities with transparent oversight safety systems that prevent gas pipe explosions, energy conservation, affordable single-payer healthcare, ban on palm oil -- like that?

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