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Tobacco causes cancer. What is there to understand? Secondhand smoke is even worse. Why? Particulate matter in the lungs creates a way for cancer to start.

Even when cigarette butts are on the ground, tobacco continues to kill:

Ban tobacco products. There, that should help!

The ban on sales of flavored tobacco is dumb. Tobacco is a killer, one of the deadliest substances known. Flavored tobacco is just one type of tobacco. If you're going to ban flavored tobacco, ban ALL tobacco. I'm actually in favor of all drugs being legal. When you start making one form of a substance illegal and another form of the same substance legal, you cross a line into regulatory absurdity.

I know -- they don't purchase it in the first place when they know a ban is impending. Most likely they dropped their appeal as they knew they couldn't show they ordered it last year prior to the ban like they first claimed when trying to get a waiver.

As the retailer states, she can’t return the flavored tobacco and it’s against state law to sell or transfer it to another business. So what does a creative retailer do with $62,000 in flavored tobacco they cannot sell or transfer? Suggestions, please...

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