HMB pays homeless to clean up beaches and trails
Speeding driver, 88, crashes into home on Crespi Drive in Pacifica


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And here I thought Alan was going to post a palindrome using DUI, drugs, gun.

Has been charged with 9 felonies, bail set at $1,350,000...

DOB: 05/13/1991
Gender: M
Facility: Maguire Correctional Facility
Case Number: 19-1838
SMCSO: 1175798
Booking Number: 784825.0
Next Court Date: ---
Projected Release Date: Not Available
Court Dockets
Court Docket Bail Charge
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 F 33215 PC Possession Of A Short-Barreled Rifle Or Shotgun
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 F 25400(a)(1) PC Convicted Person Having Concealed Firearm In Vehicle
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 F 11351 HS Possession For Sale Of A Controlled Substance
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 M 11364(a) HS Possession Of Smoking Device
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 M 23152(a) VC Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 F 11378 HS Possession For Sale Of A Controlled Substance
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 M 23152(f) VC Driving Under The Combined Influence Of An Alcoholic Beverage And Drug
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 M 11350(a) HS Possessing A Controlled Substance
19-NF-007743-A USD 150,000.00 M 11377 HS Possession Of A Controlled Substance

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