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October 30, 2019


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PG&E is a bad corporation, no question, as incident after incident and repeated exposes of corruption among the higher-ups have shown. On the corporate level--to be kept separate from the workers at the line level--they deserve whatever whipping they get (though it is amusing to see people looking to politicians for justice).

But keep in mind that every transmission line, every pipeline, every dam, every facility of any kind, including every steam plant at the Geysers, etc., was built with permits from government at one level or another and at one location or another. Many of these permits are renewed periodically by government. Power lines through forests and woodlands in which fire is a natural element? In that concern and in many other ways that defy nature in favor of artificial development, government is partially culpable in the disasters, large and small, that inevitably result.

And we, in the general voting overpopulation, are ultimately responsible for the corrupt corporation-government mismanagement of our landscapes, waters and resources. We usually ignore vital qualifications when we vote for officials at all levels. We say nothing when unqualified people are appointed to various bureaucratic jobs, commissions, committees, and the like by government leaders; and we endorse such appointments when we re-elect politicians who do the appointing. We often push for the conditions that cause or amplify disasters: developing into the urban-wildland interface; insisting on power lines, gas pipelines, water facilities, roads, and other infrastructure into disaster-certain locations; getting permits for buildings and other urban facilities prone to failure in obviously bad locations; planting trees, usually non-native, and allowing the spread of such trees where they will cause damage to buildings and infrastructure when they fall or burn; and so on through the litany of stupidities that accompanies over-development everywhere. I see no evidence that most people are ready to confront their participation in, and realistic solutions to, environmental disasters that can only increase in the future.

How long has Pacific Gas & Electric been killing people with its incompetence, greed, and lack of basic maintenance? Here's a graphic showing what's really happening (Santa Rosa 2017 fire): https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/10/21/us/california-fire-damage-map.html
October 2019 Kincade Fire: Will investigation show that sparking tower was 25 YEARS OUT OF MAINTENANCE?
September 2010 San Bruno Fire: Did investigation show that PG&E not only did not do proper maintenance, but DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE ALL THE GAS LINES WERE?
Will PG&E restructure for a safe gas and electricity delivery system, as California bears the first brunt of what is only the beginning of global warming effects? Or will inept government fail to require the utility prepare for a dry, hot, windy, stormy future? It's easy to focus on tangible facts like: smoke is cleared, school is open, Highway 101 is open. WILL CALIFORNIA CHANGE ITS INFRASTRUCTURE TO ADDRESS THE NEW EMERGENCY OF GLOBAL WARMING? Here's what's coming-- let's do this! http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2017/07/climate-change-earth-too-hot-for-humans-annotated.html
DON'T LET A TEMPORARY DISASTER CAUSE LONG-TERM DAMAGE. Protect yourself from breathing in smoke -- the fine particles, so small you can't see them, seemingly innocuous, can cause long-term life-changing disease. (1) Get to a smoke-free building. (2) Invest in a high-efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) air filter for your home. (3) Drink lots of water. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/09/11/549165837/is-all-that-wildfire-smoke-damaging-my-lungs

San Mateo County and San Francisco -- and the Bay Area in general -- might want to look at Eucalyptus plantings, as these trees go up like a flame and burn fast and hot.

Is Rackerby the new spelling of Pacifica?

Listed among the San Mateo County cities and towns that are scheduled for outage this week is Rackerby. Never heard of it.

(Editor: Could be an alien palindrome.)

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