Fallout: Bay City Flower Company closing
Immigrant rights group to Sheriff Bolanos: Stop helping ICE!

Postmortem: PG&E's piss poor planning

PG&E's bungled Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) in October 2019 left the public feeling confused, frustrated, and angry. PG&E's so-called "communications" failed to provide clear, consistent public information about the timing and rationale for shutoffs. To add insult to injury, PG&E would not reimburse customers for food and medicine spoilage due to power outages. We say it's high time for public ownership of PG&E.

John Maybury

Editor and Publisher



public ownership of PG&E


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It's absolutely absurd that a utility Northern California depends on for public safety is privately owned. If there was ever an argument for public ownership of gas and electricity utilities, it is here now -- in spades.

Burying the lines is cost-prohibitive. Maintaining the lines and cutting back trees and branches away from the lines is one part of the fix. The lines that are in poor condition, that fall and start fires, well, they probably need to be placed underground.

One man can buy PG&E and fix It: The Oracle Of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Why doesn't PG&E put in a program to bury most power lines? That would prevent lines causing fires -- and there would be little or no reason to shut power down as a precaution to prevent deadly and uncontrollable fire.

Help me understand something Riptide readers. PGE is shuttling down power all over our state because of high fire danger and high winds. Where are the winds?? I’ve checked various cities including Pacifica, HMB, Novato, Santa Rosa, Eureka, Sacramento to name a few and only SAC head winds forecasted for Thursday. Our coastal forecast is yet another sunny day with temps in 70s. Why is PGE doing this? Thanks!

Highway 24 Caldecott, Highway 1 Tom Lantos tunnels to stay open amid PG&E power shutdown

Channel 2 news is reporting that Caltrans will have generators to keep Lantos tunnels open.

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