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Embezzler Mark Sturm "no contest" plea bargain: pay back victims, minor jail time

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Coastside tax accountant Mark Christopher Sturm was arraigned back in 2017 on five felony counts of embezzling from his clients. The case has been postponed numerous times. On October 7 in San Mateo County Superior Court (case #16NF013225A), Sturm made a "no contest" plea bargain, with minor jail time and repaying his victims. See links above for details. We hope to say "case closed" to this fiasco, but watch here for any updates or follow-ups from Riptide's Remarkable Roving Reporter Alan Wald.

"Justice delayed is justice denied." —William E. Gladstone


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Does anyone know the reason for delay for this case and/or who is waiving time? (Editor's note: As the story says, the new hearing date is September 6. We don't know the reason for the multiple delays.)

As Alan Wald reported on this post, Sturm's next hearing date is April 25 to set a trial date. The case has been dragging on for two years now.

Any 2019 updates on this case?

Time continues to be waived. Yesterday, Sturm's pretrial was set for August 20, and the jury trial set to begin November 5.

What is the status of this trial?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Our April 11 post says: "Sturm's pretrial hearing is June 4 and his jury trial begins July 23. Case #16SF013225A")

Sturm has had his bench warrant lifted and has a new date for his preliminary hearing: Thursday, May 4 at 2 p.m.

wonder why the word "embezzle" sounds a lot like the word "imbecile"

Mark Christopher Sturm was not, and has not served as, the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce accountant. Jolane Luhrs is the accountant for the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and has been for a number of years. Mark is a chamber member whose membership will be revoked if he is found guilty of these charges. The recent postings about Mark Strurm being the accountant for the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce are completely inaccurate and false.

I wonder if Sturm was serving as the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce accountant.  According to one reliable source, the chamber was handing out his business cards at its office as recently as October 5. If he was its ad hoc accountant, there's plenty of chamber egg on the face to go around.

If Mark Christopher Sturm, the founder of Mark Sturm MBA Inc. insisted on including a degree in his business name, it would have been a helpful red flag had the name been Mark Sturm BS; perhaps then people would have seen it coming.

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