Pacifica Police traffic stop: drugs and stolen truck
New bakery/cafe @ HMB airport


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Wow, an infrequent display of common sense. Now maybe the mayor will resign from frothery about the homeless problem that her industry helped (in large part) to create.

The City Council voted 4-1 to keep the current logo.

The proposed logo is clichéd and amateurish. I learned to draw that 4-pointed star in grade school. The current logo is much more evocative of Pacifica. When people think of whales and whale watching, they think of Half Moon Bay and Pillar Point Harbor where the whale watching boats are. No whale watching boats launch from Pacifica.

We don't know who designed this logo or any history behind it. For all we know, it's someone's kid and a proud parent is pushing this. To the City Council and staff: If you want a new logo, hire a professional designer who specializes in this. Typically they will gather information and offer a few alternative designs, get feedback, and revise. Don't select a new logo based on only one design offered, especially this very poor one. Better yet, just keep the logo we have now. Easy peasy.

Note that the fluke is pointed down, soon to be underwater.

More appropriate for current-day Pacifica would be a realtor's sign with the words "Pacifica for sale" on it.

I like the Mountain Lion Nose logo.

I nominate it for 2019’s “Most Ridiculous Waste of Taxpayer Money Prize”

(Anonymous: "I hate the ugly new logo. It looks like a fallopian tube.")

If it weren't for fallopian tubes, most of us wouldn't be alive.

For a new Pacifica logo, palindrome lovers suggest an image of a symmetrical two-brim cap with "Pacifica" printed above both brims. They suggest the city then manufacture the cap to raise revenue and call it a -- Pacifi-Cap, of course!

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