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Most fish we eat are high in selenium which has been shown to disable any negative impacts of mercury contained in most fish we eat, including all the tunas. Also, albacore tuna -- so called white meat tuna -- comes from at least two different sources. About 20-25% is U.S. troll caught albacore which has been tested for the last several years and has never been found to exceed even the strictest mercury advisories -- This is younger, smaller fish than the other 70% or so, most of which comes from foreign caught long line albacore which while still safe to eat has been shown to carry higher mercury levels and less omega-3 fatty acids (which are good for everything from brain development, to heart disease, to depression). Long lines, as a gear type often have some interaction with sea turtles. It is for this reason that NRDC, Turtle Island Restoration Network, and other marine mammal concerned organizations are scaring the American public into thinking they will be harmed by mercury in tuna. There has never been a recorded case in the history of the U.S. of a person getting mercury poisoning from fish caught on the high seas as all the tuna are caught.

I hope we can all look forward to the recently announced University of Washington studies which will ask many questions about nutrition and child development.

[originally posted October 31, 2007]

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