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February 21, 2020


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Thanks, Lionel, for the heads-up to almanacnews.com. It says Oliva is a real estate agent. No surprise there.

Yes, Carl, many other people are bothered by the slick mailers for Annie Oliva, paid for by the real estate lobby. Once again, Big Real Estate is trying to buy the election of a stooge for their interests. According to one count, real estate spent $364,000 on Annie Oliva this month.

The Pacifica Progressive Alliance has endorsed Sally Lieber for the State Senate seat. Sally Lieber was a Democratic California State Assembly member and former Mountain View, California City Council member and Mayor.

She will take no real estate money.

Tomorrow afternoon, a news story concerning candidates competing for Jerry Hill's seat will be in almanacnews.com. Click on "current edition" for it. Ms. Oliva's history is reviewed there.

Not me, Carl. After the fake petition drive, and hit piece on Keener last time, I’ll vote for the candidates who are not endorsed by these PACs.

Is anyone else bothered by the barrage of slick mailers for Democratic State Senate candidate Annie Oliva being paid for by the same real estate trade group that took part in providing the out-of-area money that bought the last two elections in Pacifica? This kind of direct corruption of elections by big-money special interests is every bit as disgusting as the election-associated misdeeds of the imperial Donald, yet most people roll over and accept it as merely the way the game is played.

Start with the question "Is health care a human right?" If it is, if that is the premise, then massive alterations to health care systems in the U.S. need to be made because of all the people who are not getting it or are getting less than adequate and equal treatment for one reason or another. In that light, all who would deny adequate health care to others are nothing better than social criminals. But if it is not a basic human right, then government at all levels should get out of all kinds of health care, from medical research to public health agencies, and let the private free market go its merry way. In our very overpopulated, artificially-manipulated country, with four to five times as many people as could be possibly sustained doing what we do, the question has become just that black-and-white. Vote according to how you come down on it.

The Democratic Coalition put out a new video (scroll down): https://secure.actblue.com/donate/tell-the-senate-to-vote-to-remove-trump-email Sing or hum or hope a little Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger -- and then get out the vote. 100 million didn't vote -- maybe today, after yesterday's gutting of Medicaid and tomorrow's privatization of public assets, they see what they have to lose?
Today, January 30, lawyers for President Trump argue the president is accountable TO NO ONE AND TO NOTHING: The president can commit ANY act with no repercussions, they claim. This is utter abnegation of THE RULE OF LAW.

Today, January 30, Trump just cut Medicaid; Trump attorneys are suing to take away healthcare from people with pre-existing conditions right now. See where this is going?

Get the VOTE out en masse for Democrats up and down the ticket -- or get ready for an autocracy. Civil rights? Healthcare, anyone?

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