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February 27, 2020


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So now there has been another PAC mailer with heavy contributions from the Dental Association that supposedly compares the Democratic candidates for State Senate. All got neutral or positive comments except Sally Lieber, making the mailer an obvious hit piece. That alone would be enough usually to get me to vote for Lieber, and I do like her comment about no more overdevelopment on the coastside. But I just heard that she favors the anti-local-control SB50 that SF's Wiener keeps reintroducing as an approach to housing. That is a huge indication of an overwhelming urban mindset with all the abandonment of democratic local self-determination to regional government (ABAG, etc.) and the state. Before I die, one election with clean, straightforward candidates, please.

I got TWO different mailers for Oliva in the mail today. Big Real Estate is spending a LOT of money to get her elected. That's all you need to know.

It's one thing to lobby for an industry, much as I dislike it.
It's another thing entirely for the fake petition sponsorship, which led to the mobile homes, and the over-the-top hit pieces that cost us John Keener. Karma is coming.

The real estate groups tested and polished their methods during their campaigns to buy the last two municipal elections (essentially rent control and city council) in Pacifica. This makes their Oliva campaign unsurprising and gives Stegink useful personal experience for challenging their corruption of the election process.

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