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February 2020

Climate changes

All the blue cold air is low pressure at the North Pole. The red warm air is high pressure. The polar vortex, when it splits, sends the cold air down to Canada then us. So far it has been locked up pretty tight. It also has to do with the Hudson Bay high pressure. Normally we get strong storms from the Gulf Of Alaska or mid-latitude storms from Hawaii and Asia. This affects our La Nina and El Nino winters. Our weather is also all set up by the weather off the coast of Australia.

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Pacifican sues city over cannabis shop permit

Pacifican Paul Bradshaw filed a lawsuit against the City of Pacifica on February 21 over its approval of a permit to establish a retail cannabis dispensary on Palmetto Avenue at Santa Maria Avenue. Bradshaw claims the city failed to properly consider the residential nature of the neighborhood and the nearby Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School. Read the three-page lawsuit here: