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March 28, 2020


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Apparently the Senate lead is sitting on some 400 bills from the House, refusing to address any legislation.

The Senate lead presumably still gets a paycheck from the American people. Perhaps he should be give it up until he starts doing his job again?

If you didn't see it, Jackie Speier corrects Devin Nunes:

How long can Republicans support the phony conspiracy tales peddled by President Trump and his cronies?
What President gives information to Russia -- and not Americans?

Who does that?

I heard the congresswoman on the "News Hour" yesterday, explaining why the Republicans haven't a leg to stand on in the impeachment inquiry.
The famous Benghazi hearings, run by the Repubs, had 107 interviews to gather information before the thing went public. I don't know if the Dems have even had 20 yet, and it's expected to go public next month sometime.
The interviewer said that they couldn't get one Republican to come on the show to plead their "case."

Good work, Congresswoman! As we used to say, it's a start!

Can Congress stop the Trump administration from gutting EPA, BLM, and the Department of Agriculture, and destroying the deep knowledge base and ongoing research?

Please stop the administration's latest action to kill more honeybees faster:

We now know!!!

White House Tried to Stop Climate Science Testimony, Documents Showhttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/08/climate/rod-schoonover-testimony.html

READ IT INTO THE RECORD! Ask Congresswoman Speier and other reps in Congress to read the global warming info INTO the Congressional Record -- where it belongs! Why would the White House try to stop a public hearing, and block scientific info the public had paid for from going into the PUBLIC RECORD? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/08/climate/rod-schoonover-testimony.html "...Intelligence analyst Rod Schoonover eventually gave his testimony verbally without changes, but the White House refused to approve the written testimony for entry into the permanent Congressional Record."

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