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So now what can you extrapolate from this "survey" that impacts your development plans? I would say that given the heavy emphasis on recreation, environmental preservation, and traffic impact concerns, a new development is unwanted and does not have community support. I expect that the only impact of this survey is that you will need to order more green ink for your brochures.

FYI, people are complaining on a Pacifica Facebook page that if you submit your email contact information on this survey you can then see everyone’s email who responded. I’d encourage you to share your email address, John, so people can complain to you directly.

Plus you might want to have your engineer check his survey. For example, where are the existing stairs to the Montessori School at 1666 Higgins?

We have received over 120 responses from 560 postcards mailed to homes within 500 yards of Higgins Way and Adobe Drive and the postings on Next Door and Riptide. Here is a summary of the results. From a polling perspective, this information is considered representative of the views and opinions of the Linda Mar Community.

1. Middle-aged and older- 85.8% of respondents are over 35 years old.
2. Long-term residents- 73.1% lived in Linda Mar for 10+ years.
3. Like living in the area because of access to the ocean, mountains, and open spaces, and coastal climate and ecosystem.
4. Like the Linda Mar community for its strong sense of community, great recreation, and parks.
5. Most challenging aspects of living in the area are traffic and the cost of living.
6. Outdoor recreation is hiking and mountain biking. Notice surfing, swimming, and kayaking are not as popular for this age group.
7. Recreation is solo, with family and friends.
8. Recreate often- 1 or more times per week with many every day.
9. Vast majority are light and moderate walkers and hikers.
10. Bikers are dirt road and mountain/all-terrain riders. E-bikes are popular.
11. Riders primarily ride in Pacifica and use Montara and San Pedro Valley State Parks.
12. Very few belong to a bike club or team. There appears to be no formally organized biking in the community.
13. Biggest concerns for Linda Mar Community are traffic and environmental impacts.
14. Vision for Linda Mar Community is maintaining park access and improving roads and sidewalks.

To summarize, the Linda Mar Community consists of middle-aged people who have lived here a long time. They are attracted to the outdoors and access to the ocean, mountains, and parks. They are walkers, hikers, and bikers who use the local State parks for recreation. Their biggest concerns in the community are traffic and the environment. Their vision for the community is to maintain park access and improve the roads and sidewalks.

Thank you for your participation in our survey. Visit the website often as we will be posting more information.

"This original post & survey is by the developer, John Kontrabecki (same one developing Vista Mar in the northern part of town) and the same engineer that is doing the Harmony project, Javier Chavarria. ..."

The Harmony at One project said they would implement LEED -- and it turned out in a town hall meeting that was not the case. LEED or not to LEED -- quite a difference!

Will the City of Pacifica LEAD toward sustainable projects that the rest of the town (a) won't have to look at if they fail and (b) won't have to pay for if they fail?

This original post & survey is by the developer, John Kontrabecki (same one developing Vista Mar in the northern part of town) and the same engineer that is doing the Harmony project, Javier Chavarria. The project info (two so far of Hillside Meadows & Linda Mar Woods with a central 3rd connecting parcel that is also planned for development) can be found on the Pacifica city website at these links:

Hillside Meadows -
Linda Mar Woods -

This survey and accompanying postcard features a fake address on Higgins to appear local, language made to sound like it's coming from the community (this is an SF-based developer), and omits any information about the main thing, which is extensive plans to build out a massive hillside and cut a new road through with huge retaining walls. The developer even refers to himself in the 3rd person on this thread (the poster is the developer is the owner).

If the mission of your work is a well-intentioned one, then you have no need for deception or omission. The actual Pacifica residents-led effort to respond to this threat to our community, safety, and environment has been getting informed and organized and will be responding publicly shortly. I'll post that info here when it's ready.

And just to beat the other side to the punch, we're not anti-growth or anti-building new homes. They're badly needed here and throughout the Bay Area. But they should be planned out by a community via an updated & responsible General Plan (ours is badly outdated). What is needed are things like the 1335 Adobe Court Townhomes, or the 340 Waterford St. project, good projects in places that make sense for the community and provide housing opportunities to those with the sharpest needs.

I love Pacifica. Its future should be determined by those that live here now and will be living here in the future with the repercussions of the decisions we now make.

Big sprawl development planned on the mountain here just above the old coast highway. It’s an area of extreme fire danger and landslide risks. One road in and out with a poor survey that ignores existing structures on Higgins and will block access to the Montessori school. Also ignores Hillside Preservation District regulations that show nothing can be built. But sure, fill out our survey and tell us how a new hiking or biking trail might make all that better.

Check out the drawings for yourself and make up your own mind. Name of the owner is on the first page so you can look him up.

That's interesting. I said the biggest danger was out-of-control building.

Hmm. Still no information as to who the developers are. Why the secrecy? What are they hiding?

Where have we seen this all before? Hmm.... Ah yes, "Harmony One" on Fassler. How did that work out, Pacifica? Remember all the joy spread by the BS spreaders that was going to cure all of Pacifica's ills? How we looked on in sheer delight as the developer played Kabuki Bulldozer, ripping up a big chunk of the hillside and pushing dirt around so it looked like something was actually happening? Putting up a fabulous website for multimillion-dollar homes to be sold on spec to phantom millionaires? I wonder if we learned our lesson? I guess we have plenty of hillsides to spare so that speculators can sell their development plans to the "greater fool" while we hold the bag and pray that the next landslide stays out of our living room.

Dear Linty Marr:

The website is directed to members of the Linda Mar Community. It is being presented by the owner of the property located at the end of Higgins Way in Pacifica. The owner is trying to learn about the outdoor recreational interests of the people of Linda Mar to determine whether to improve the walking and hiking trails located on the property. The website asks people to voluntarily provide their contact information so we may contact them when we put more information on the website. We may also hold an online town hall meeting to answer questions. I hope this response answers your questions.

Dear Peter Loeb:

This is not a bogus survey and we are not harvesting local residents' contact information. People may take the survey and not provide their contact information if they wish. However, if they do, we will inform them when we post more information on the website so they can look at it. We may also invite them to participate in online town hall meetings to learn more about the project we are developing.

Looks like "they" are developers who want to add a road connecting Higgins Way to clusters of houses on top of the hill across from Palou -- traffic, noises, and lights on the mountain.

Is there a name or company or address on the website?

This is a bogus survey. Near as I can figure, they're harvesting local residents' email, phone, other contact info.

If you would like to be informed about the Linda Mar Woods development, go to the website at, take the survey, and leave your email address at the end of the survey. Or send us your contact information through the form at the bottom of the website. We will include you in future announcements about the property.

What is this? Who are they? How will this information be used, and by whom? There is no pertinent information on their website. The address listed on their website, 166 Higgins Drive, doesn't exist as far as I can see on Google maps. Inquiring minds want to know!

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