July 06, 2021


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Thank you for acknowledging the illegal dumping on your property. I hope you take the appropriate steps to stop it and clean it up.

No matter how high the property taxes, the new homes and people will be a further drain on fire, police, and city services. Our land and city services are finite. This is more about greed than anything else, and a disaster for anyone but the developer. I'm tired of it.

Erin Macias:

No, I was not aware that Flores Gardening/Landscaping is dumping on the property. No one has permission to dump on this property. I am on the property frequently and have not seen any evidence of dumping, other than about 50 yards from the entry gate where San Pedro Mountain Road is washing out. It looks like someone has dumped construction debris, like rock and bits of concrete, to try to stop the erosion. Is there more? What am I not seeing?

If there is dumping taking place, I need proof to stop it.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Since the developer is on this thread, are you aware that Flores Gardening/Landscaping (photographic evidence) has been repeatedly dumping on this property? What plans do you have to stop this from happening and when will it be cleaned up? They allegedly claim they have permission from the owner of Linda Mar Woods.

Steve Alvarez:

Help me out here. What water need are you referencing? Landscaping? Drought tolerant planting and preserving the native trees. Domestic water? Not a problem. North Coast County Water District, same as everyone else in Pacifica.

This is not the time to be adding more burdens on Pacifica.

Just say no:

The creation of a real estate project is a process that begins with an idea. We have submitted our idea to the city Planning Department and will be presenting it to the public on our Vision tab of the website shortly. Then the conversation begins.

You asked a very good question: "Would you normally want to start with a vision statement to direct the design?" The answer is YES. And we have one, which we have been working from for more than a year. It has been evolutionary as we have learned more about the community, the property, and how it is used by the public.

We will be posting the Vision statement shortly on the website and I invite you to read it. I will give you a hint. How do you develop a private property that has organically become an important recreational amenity to the community while responding to the need for affordable housing in the community? Our answer is you enhance and preserve the existing recreational resources and build houses people can afford in a cluster away from the recreation.

You can join the conversation, engage in the process, and influence the outcome in a constructive way. Or you can just say no. Your choice.


Do not judge our project by something proposed by another company in a different part of town. I do not know this other developer and have no knowledge of what was promised.

We will be posting the Vision tab on our website very soon. Go to www.lindamarwoods.com early next week and see what our vision is all about. I will give you a hint. It is a hell of a lot better recreationally and environmentally than what is there now. Take a look at the new sign we just installed and the renewed gate at the end of Higgins Way to get a taste of the quality we intend to bring to the community. Judge us by our actions.

Then take the surveys and tell us what you think. Leave your contact information on the website for us and you will be invited to a Zoom townhall meeting where you can meet, greet, and tell us what you think. You may have a good idea or two that we will incorporate into the project.


The new subdivision is NOT being placed over the Boyscouts trail. At the crest of the hill, there is a flat area where the new subdivision is being planned. This is not where Boyscouts actually begins. Boyscouts begins where the hillside starts to drop off, which is at the back of the northern lots. We are going to have a proper jumping-off point for Boyscouts riders that will be clearly marked. We are also going to add more trails for mountain bike riders.

I have hired a mountain bike trail design consultant recommended to me by Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. He knows his subject and is guiding the design process.

We are looking for serious mountain bikers to join an advisory committee to give us direct input on our recreational trail development plan ideas. If you would like to join, send me an email through the website and we can talk.


The first survey was not incomplete. It was meant to be a 30,000-foot overview of the Linda Mar community demographics, the recreational habits of the people who live there, and what their vision is for the community.

Go back to the website and take the second survey. It is focused on Linda Mar Woods and takes a deep dive into whether people have visited it and how they use it.

Go to www.lindamarwoods.com, click on the "Take Community Survey" button on the opening page, then click on the Second Survey.

Carl May:

We are using surveys to gather knowledge about the community from the people who live there, not to shape public opinion. There is a problem today with public discourse being shaped through social media, with those having the most inflammatory statements winning the public debate. The formula is outrageous comments equal more clicks. I am sure you have heard of QAnon and Pizzagate. We are gathering facts and authentic opinions, and presenting them to the public to counter the propaganda. In the end, the truth will prevail so long as we are not complacent and let the outrageous comments go unanswered.

Please keep visiting the website and taking the surveys. We now have two posted. The second one is focused on the Linda Mar Woods property and how people use it. We want to hear your thoughts whether we agree with them or not.

Surveys like this are used to frame the language used by developers, not to alter their projects. The relevant term is "manufacture of consent," and the surveys are a tool in that endeavor. For those interested in the manipulation of public opinion, the book "Manufacturing Consent" by Herman and Chomsky is a classic.

I've taken the Linda Mar Woods community survey and it's incomplete. If any decisions are based on responses to this survey, they are invalidated because the survey lacks the critical choice of "Other" on many of the relevant questions. This leads me to believe it was deliberately set up to exclude specific areas to manipulate the data. For instance, when this question was asked about mountain biking ("Where do you ride most often in Pacifica?), one very popular destination was left out. This destination is known as Boyscouts (AKA Linda Mar Woods). I ride there every day. Why was this not a choice but San Pedro Valley Park was?

I look forward to opposing Linda Mar Woods along with the rest of the local mountain bike community as well as my community here in Linda Mar.

I happened to be going by the new sign as it was being installed. The two men putting it in that I talked with said very clearly that these homes would not affect the existing bike trails in any way.

Looking at the actual plans, it is very clear that these homes would be placed on top of the entire Boyscouts area, destroying that whole trail network.

Having representatives of this development or workers lie to hikers and bikers is not a good way to garner support for anything.

Just Say No,

It's Deja Vu (2016) all over again. Bravo.

No vision statement, but plenty of plans, and houses -- already submitted.

What's next, a pitch for widening Highway 1?

I was looking at my keepsakes from the NO on W campaign. This part was particularly good:

"Uncertain community benefits and certain negative impacts.

The developer has promised significant economic benefits from his project. Those benefits rely on additional construction in the quarry, including a hotel and commercial district. There is no guarantee whatsoever this will occur.

Adding 206 multi-family units will increase the demand for City services, yet not provide sufficient property taxes to pay for the cost of these services. Pacificans know Coastside development is at risk from sea-level rise and coastal erosion. Recently, Pacifica taxpayers paid $200,000 to demolish a building on Esplanade because the owner shirked responsibility for damage caused by coastal erosion. Pacifica taxpayers should not be at risk for another such costly event.

Empty promises with no guarantees.

Don’t be misled by empty promises of “community benefits” and “significant new tax revenue.” The City’s official report confirms that Measure W doesn’t guarantee that a hotel or commercial components will ever be built. Nor does it guarantee that what’s built will be a benefit to the City. The developer’s empty promises are unenforceable."

Deja vu all over again. Only further inland.

I think it’s curious that new plans have already been submitted for 126 lots and yet the vision statement has not been written. Cart before the horse much? Wouldn’t you normally want to start with your vision statement to direct the design? I guess not if the vision is « let’s see how much money we can make by cramming in as many homes as we can. »

It seems Pacificans have a good knack for seeing through glossy real estate developer words and images. Plus we who live in the area know about the extreme fire risks and the lack of adequate road capacity from Linda Mar and lack of escape routes in emergencies. And many of our children have attended the wonderful Montessori school on Higgins so we know the area well. This project will literally be an uphill battle.

Dear Skeptical:
The "Vision" tab of the website has not been posted because it is not ready to be posted. Also, we have not filed with the Planning Department the documents needed to present the "Vision" because they are not ready. It has taken a lot of thought and time to understand the property to create a "Vision." My team has been working on this for two years.

If you look at the tabs on the website, you will see a progression. It starts with Community and includes a listening survey. We needed to learn about the Linda Mar community as well as the site. The next tab is Setting, which reflects what we have observed in the environs surrounding the site. The third tab is Existing, which focuses on the site and describes what is really there, not some bucolic fantasy. There is also a second survey that asks questions focused on the site and its current condition.

Each tab requires a lot of work to create, with both pictures and narrative. This is important because not everyone has actually walked Linda Mar Woods and many do not have a clear understanding of what is there, both the positive and negative aspects of the site. We all need to have a common understanding of the conditions of the site and the immediately surrounding community to be able to judge any "Vision" proposed. This is a transparent process.

The "Vision" tab will go up next and it will be soon. Each time we post new information, we send an email blast to all the people who have provided us with their contact information on the website. We also post an announcement on Riptide. We invite people who have shown an interest to come take a look. We then ask for feedback through a follow-on survey.

Once the "Vision" tab is posted, we will organize small-group meetings on Zoom to answer questions and hear more feedback. The people who will be invited are those who have given us their contact information on the website. We will keep the number of people small in each meeting so that we can have meaningful conversation. We will have as many Zoom meetings as are needed to give everyone interested an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Please do not judge what we are doing by some other project from the past. I do not know the developer of the Quarry and have no knowledge about the process they followed.

Why is the "vision" section of the website empty? Why is the "vision" being kept under wraps? All I see now are scary pictures of fire hazards, without any real information about a vision for hazard mitigation or anything else). I am not a fan of the eucalyptus trees (and would not be sad to see all of them go -- not just here but throughout Pacifica), but I think even less of pavement, density, and unsupported "visions."

A "vision" and detailed site plans are two different things. One need not file site plans, much less secure their approval, before providing real insight about his "vision." Telling us that one is dependent on the other is a red flag. The best way to confirm your commitment to transparency is to be transparent. Your survey shows that most people in the area are longtime residents -- as such, they have been through this before. As things stand now, this feels like Quarry all over again. That developer also professed his love for and understanding of Pacifica, asked us to wait, to trust him, to be one with his vision, which ended up being just an illusion.

I will keep an open mind, but -- this far in -- seeing a website that focuses on negatives without sharing details about the developer's vision re how to address those negatives is not inspiring confidence.


I am under the impression that the people who oppose the plans I have for Linda Mar Woods are well-educated, computer-savvy, and sophisticated users of social media.

I also believe in truth and facts. My approach to community outreach is presented in our website at www.lindamarwoods.com. Please go to the site and read the Community page.

I intend to make the truth and facts about our project known to the community.

Jay Bird:

"Friends don't let friends destroy hillsides and neighborhoods."

Well said. That is why it is important to manage the forest so that it does not explode into a fireball that destroys the hillside and the nearby neighborhoods. When it comes to Mother Nature, there is no such thing as benign neglect. If we ignore the dangers of wildfires, the Linda Mar community will pay a big price. Look at what happened to the community of Paradise. It was burned to the ground by a forest fire.

It is also why improving Higgins Way to create a proper access road for emergency vehicles is critical for community safety.

In 2016 a developer tried to put homes in the Pacifica Quarry. It looked like a real David vs. Goliath fight, with Goliath winning, because Goliath had all the money. Goliath didn't win for a number of reasons. Made up stories about secret agreements with the City of Pacifica, that they really would build the revenue-positive retail/commercial development before the houses. Which the City promptly put out a press release to deny. Plans on their website had little to do with reality. And kept changing when faced with "facts" from the tireless crew on Team David.

One of the kickers for me is touting the great biologist, the developer hired. Who was the only biologist I'd ever seen with a felony conviction for killing biological life.

As a friend, Mr. Kontrabecki, I'd make sure the communication is transparent. No scandals that computer warriors known for being attracted to the Davids' causes can't root out. I'd also not be patronizing and think you are dealing with unsophisticated people. You aren't. That tends to make people not want to be friends.

Friends don't let friends destroy hillsides and neighborhoods.

Jay Bird:

They are my neighbors and hopefully will become my friends.

How many are interested in Linda Mar Woods? Every one of them, including you, since all wrote comments about the property on Riptide.

I have invited them, you, and everyone who is interested to take a look at our website (www.lindamarwoods.com), check out the information we have recently posted, and take our second survey.

It is voluntary and the benefit of doing so is you may learn something new about your community and Linda Mar Woods.


Yes, Alan, the gum tree forest is a conflagration waiting to happen. We hope to do something about it. We plan to manage the forest, clean out the bark and debris presenting the fire risk, create fire breaks on the property, cut a road for emergency service vehicles, and build a safe recreational area and residential community.

"To my friends NIck Lusson, Carl May, Peter George, Jay Bird, and all the others interested in Linda Mar Woods"

How many of these folks are your "friends"? Any?

How many are interested in your housing development, a LostAngeles-ation of bucolic beach town Pacifica? Anyone?

Protect San Pedro Mountain -- save our quality of life in Pacifica.

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