January 21, 2023


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First, Pacifica is already overpopulated--unsustainable in terms of dependable, renewable natural resources and over-urbanization that causes massive problems due to hardscaping, armoring the shoreline, problems elsewhere due to the "footprint" of the population where needs not available locally must be obtained, etc. These proposals only increase the unsustainability of the city. The feel-good "affordable housing" push so popular currently is population ignorant.

Second, these projects would further reduce the day-to-day livability of the city with regard to such matters as existing infrastructure inadequacies, traffic, cost-of-living, and amenities provided by parks and recreation. Development in an already overdeveloped place is not progress. It may be a short-term boon for a few developers and builders, but it is regression for the people who live there.

Third, such developments would exacerbate the decades-old conundrum of residential-commercial imbalance in Pacifica, which results in locals having to go outside the city to buy many kinds of ordinary goods, and inadequate tax income for local government to provide decent services for its citizens. Having to sell off government property to compensate for revenue shortfalls is a desperate, one-time effort that will only make the situation worse in the long run.

The only enduring hope for the future of people in any locality and for all localities combined is a sustainable steady-state economy. It's a slim one, but worth keeping in mind when local, on-the-ground policies and proposals are up for consideration. Virtually all the "best" attempts at mitigations and environmental compensation one sees are only ways of getting worse a bit more slowly. The dim-witted insistence that material growth in a place is necessary is essentially a con game played on most of us whenever it is tried. In that light, these misuses of land in Pacifica depend on the gullibility of Pacificans willing to go along with them.

Actually, this is better than sliding hillsides and vanity projects. The owners of Linda Mar Shopping Center would never allow a trailer park across the street. An apartment complex like the ones on El Camino in South San Francisco near the BART station, and Trader Joe's, would work. That's how you will get to the number of units required. It won't be San Pedro Mountain.

Selling the Police Station and Senior Center and leasing back to stay out of Bankruptcy is a great Fiscal Model.

Doing nothing, like you people like, has done the city so much good.

"... mobile home park in SamTrans' park-and-ride lot..."

Stay classy, Pacifica!

Don't ya love how these community-wrecking, overpopulation-extending, hardscaping, infrastructure-overwhelming, money-grubbing developers' misadventures are described as "opportunities"?

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