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Pacifica Prognosis 1969: "Rugged, Rocky Vistas" and 90,000 People

William Chapin's Suburbs of San Francisco, a book published in 1969, predicted that Pacifica would have a population of 90,000 by 1990. Chapin wrote about Pacifica:

•"It has no industry and its local sales are among the lowest in the state."
•"To remedy this, the city manager has stressed efforts to 'provide a little better balance by attracting recreation-oriented businesses to exploit our beautiful beaches and rugged, rocky vistas.'"
•"Citizens' participation in civic affairs and community events is unusually high...Hardly any Council meetings have fewer than 50 to 100 citizens in attendance..."

(Thanks to Bill Collins for sharing this.)

Montara Mountain Book Back in Print

Montara Mountain by Barbara VanderWerf
Montara Mountain
is back in print. Barbara VanderWerf’s guidebook to the trails, plants, and fascinating historical lore of Montara Mountain, including San Pedro Valley Park, is available at the Visitor Center Trailside Store. Originally published in 1995, Montara Mountain was reprinted in 2010 with a foreword by Mike Vasey. As this is still a great reference book for hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders, the Friends of San Pedro Valley Park (SPVP)—working with Barbara—have facilitated a third printing. Trailside Store hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The park entrance is at 600 Oddstad Boulevard just south of the Oddstad/Rosita/Linda Mar intersection. Friends of SPVP present informative nature programs, and always welcome new members to support volunteer work in the park:

Friends of San Pedro Valley Park

Amy Goodman, Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now!

Pacifican Ron Berger meets with Democracy Now! host and investigative journalist Amy Goodman during a Peninsula stop April 12 on her national speaking and book-signing tour that celebrates the progressive TV news program's 20 years, currently broadcast on 1,400 stations, including Pacific Coast TV Channel 26 in Pacifica. Goodman starts each morning's program proclaiming, "From Pacifica, it's Democracy Now!" The program originally aired in 1996 on five Pacifica Radio stations around the country. (Editor's note: Pacifica Radio has no connection with Pacifica, California.)

Photo and caption by Alan Wald