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Accused embezzler Sturm: May 23 hearing

Coastside tax accountant Mark Christopher Sturm was arraigned June 20, 2017 on five felony counts of embezzling from his clients. The long-delayed prosecution continued April 25, 2019, when Sturm was ordered to return to San Mateo County Superior Court on May 23 to set his jury trial date (Case #16NF013225A). Stay tuned here for updates by Riptide Roving Reporter Alan Wald.

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Wilkinson School bomb hoax: Mississippi girl called wrong school

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After a bomb threat phoned to Wilkinson School in El Granada, the school was thoroughly searched and no bombs or dangerous materials were found. San Mateo County Sheriff's Office traced the call to a Mississippi girl who had intended to target her own Wilkinson School in Mississippi. She now faces discipline from her school. (Have you seen "Cool Hand Luke"?) See news stories above for details. Remember what Jay Leno used to say about "stupid criminals"?


Kyle Ludowitz, Half Moon Bay Review