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The first few pages of a Google search on Linda Mar Taco Bell tell the tale. This lowly fast-food joint has become an international destination for tourists, surfers, and just plain Pacificans who enjoy world-class scenery to go with their cheap eats. Travel magazines, network TV, and local media have anointed this beachside burrito bistro the world's most scenic Taco Bell. Go figure.


Old Surf Spot to reopen as Pacifica Brewery

According to a notice posted on the front door of the former Surf Spot, a new business is moving in soon called Pacifica Brewery. The liquor permit applicant is PCHRG, which we guess stands for Pacific Coast Highway Restaurant Group. Sounds like an L.A. group, since that's what they call Highway 1 down south. Up here we call it Highway 1. More details to come from Better Business Burro.