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Pacifica Pi Day Predictions

Alan Wald says mathematically minded Pacifica pi (3.14) lovers predict one of the following will happen on Pi Day, Monday, March 14:

  1. The City of Pacifica will receive 3.14 inches of rain.
  1. Yet another tycoon will offer $3.14 million for a vacant lot at Harmony@1.
  1. The thief who stole a reel of lottery Scratchers at knifepoint from Sharp Park 7-Eleven will learn he won a total of $3.14 for his trouble.
  1. The apartment building at 314 Esplanade, next to the one being demolished at 320 Esplanade, will crumble to the beach below.
  1. At Monday night's Pacifica City Council meeting, council members will descend into a Republican debate-style food fight that will end Tuesday at 3:14 a.m.