Inner Editor Feed

So there!

Handy dandy all-purpose editor's note to critics and trolls (borrowed from Ed Yong of The Atlantic):
"If you have sent abuse or insults, please know that I have filed away your comments for the time when my toilet paper eventually runs out."
And then there's this classic kiss-off:
"Here I sit in the smallest room of my house with your letter before me. It will shortly be behind me."

WHAT IS 44 + 66?

From The (San Mateo) Daily Journal, Letters to the editor, July 2, 2018:

San Mateo County Chief Elections Officer Mark Church opined recently that the June election had been "extremely successful" because 44 percent of residents voted […]. How sad that in a democracy where all citizens have an equal right to vote, fewer than half take advantage of the privilege. Do 66 percent of citizens subscribe to the bromide "I don’t really care, do u?”

(Reader Pierre Messerli caught this mathematically challenged letter.)