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"I suppose the trigger-happy few who want to find unending fault with popularly elected officials need another non-issue." - Todd Bray

I'm going to save this quote for every instance there is ever any criticism of our City Council. It's a beauty.

can we please have an update on the plant by someone on the City Council or Ms. Hall.

La La La La La...Jeffy, we can't hear you!

if only someone had said Whole Energy didn't have the resources or technical expertise to build the project, we would have been spared this debacle. oh wait, we did.

The silence surrounding the Vree-Hall Biodiesel Refinerey is deafening.
Is this project dead?
Will Pacifica get a refund of $160,000 taxpayer seed money?
Who will pay the fines for work done without permits?
Who will pay for remediation of the site?
What do we do with all of the used vegetable oil currently being stored at the old Waste Water Treatment Plant and who pays for the handling?
Are we, the taxpayers, being stuck with the cost of this "pet" science project?


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